Potobelo Cookware Set

Member’s Mark 11 Piece Cookware Set Review

A fantastic grouping of pans. I know they are durable and long lasting. Cant wait to start useing them in my new home.

Product Details

  • Set of 11, Heavy Gauge Construction, High
  • Performance Non Stick Coating, Heat and Shatter
  • Resistant Lids, Cast s/s Handles, Includes 3 Qt Covered Sauce Pan
  • Steamer Insert, 3 Qt Covered Pan, 8 Qt Covered Stock
  • Pot, 10 in Saute Pan, 12 in Saute Pan, 2 qt Covered Sauce Pan

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Cuisinox Elite 10 piece Cookware Set Review

This cookware set is comparable to higher end products. It has a nice build, looks professional, and seems quite durable. 5 stars given for strong value and aesthetic appeal.

Product Details

  • 2.0 qt covered saucepan (POT-316)
  • 3.8 qt covered saucepan (POT-320)
  • 7.8 qt covered dutch oven (POT-326)
  • 3.0 qt covered sauté pan (POT-324FC)
  • 7.8 in (POT-320F) & 11in (POT-328F) open frypan

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Magnalite Classic 11 Piece Cookware Set Review

There is nothing I dislike about this cookware. It has a 50 year warranty for a reason. It cooks evenly. I love it,

Product Details

  • 11 pc. set: 2 qt. saucepan & lid, 3 qt. sacepan & lid, 11.25″ deep fry pan and lid, 14 qt. stockpot and lid, 15″ roaster, lid & meat rack
  • Even heat transfer
  • Extra thick, no-warp bottom and solid sides
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • 50 year warranty

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Telebrands Orgreenic, 10-Piece (Including Lids) Cookware Set Review

This review is from: Telebrands Orgreenic, 10-Piece Set (Kitchen)
I cancelled a previous Amazon Review of the OrGreenic pans so that I could write about an interesting discovery. THERE ARE DIFFERENT KINDS OF ORGREENIC PANS BEING SHIPPED OUT BY TELEBRANDS – EVEN IN THE SAME SHIPMENT.

I AM NOT GOING TO RATE THE COOKING SURFACES BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT BE LOGICAL TO DO SO SINCE YOU MAY NOT HAVE THE SAME ORGREENIC PANS THAT I DO. I HEARTILY SUGGEST THAT PERSONS INTERESTED IN NEW, SAFER NON-STICK COOKWARE PURCHASE FROM NAME BRANDS THAT HAVE A TRACK RECORD IN THE COOKWARE INDUSTRY. Also, at the end of this review I am including excerpts of the OrGreenic warranty, which is NOT the same thing TeleBrands SAYS in their advertisements. On their website and in their commercials, they say, “If Orgreenic ever dulls or damages, even if it is your fault, we’ll replace it” and “Your cookware will last a lifetime or we’ll replace it”. (I was totally unable to find a copy of the warranty online.)

My first order for OrGreenic pans was via the internet in response to a television ad (not an infomercial – I have never watched an infomercial on the OrGreenic pans). The special offer was 2-10″ “frying” (saute) pans (with the usual single handle) and a larger 12″ dual-handled saute pan. The $$$ deal ended up being good for 3 pans even if they had been Mirro (the brand I usually purchased and discarded when worn out).

When those 3 pans arrived, due to a very junky cardboard shipping carton and inadequate inner packing, all 3 were damaged. I reported the 2 worse damaged ones since they had gouges in the cooking surfaces made by the rivets on the backs of the pans that were stacked inside of them. I expected a hassle, but the person on the phone promised immediately to replace them and did not request that I return the damaged pans.

ALL THREE OF THOSE PANS WERE IDENTICAL. The inner surfaces were identical in shade of green. The rims were “naked” of coating, and the outsides of the pans all had a gray coating that proved to be extremely delicate and scratched the first time they were used on a gas range with metal grates over the burners. Personally, I did not care that the outsides had scratched because I was only concerned with the inner coating’s performance.

The replacement pans took many weeks to arrive. I received 2 postcard notices in the mail that stated, “Due to the huge demand . . . “, etc., reassuring me that the pans would be shipped as soon as possible.

When the replacement pans finally arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the handles on the dual handled 12″ saute pan were at a different angle. I immediately suspected that they had gotten bent in shipping – that is, until I compared the new 12″ dual handled pan to the previous one. That is when I realized that I had 2 completely DIFFERENT PANS. The handles appeared to be cast on the new pan and stamped on the original pan. The inner coating on the new pan was noticeably darker, the rim was coated unlike the previous pan’s uncoated rim, and the coating on the back of the pan was also different. The external coating on the new pan was much harder, and there was a pattern in it that looked much like the concentric line on an old phonograph record, rather than the plain, soft grey coating on the outside of the original 12″ dual handled saute pan. The stamped in logo indicia on the bottom of the pan was also different on the new 12″ dual handled saute pan from the one in the previous pan. Also, the new dual-handled 12″ saute pan is slightly larger and weighs more – on the scale, and noticeably so when picked up with one hand.

The new 10″ saute pan was different from the previous ones, and DEFINITELY ALSO DIFFERENT FROM THE NEW 12″ dual handled saute pan. It appears to be an absolutely different 3rd version of the OrGreenic pans. It has a bare rim like the original 2-10″ saute pans and the original 12″ dual-handled saute pan had. Its cooking surface looks similar to the original 10″ pan, but the outside has yet a third version of coating and again another, slightly different logo/indicia stamped into its bottom. Its handle is different yet from any of the other pans.


“Telebrands warrants that, for the original purchaser’s entire lifetime, the Orgreenic? Cookware won’t have defects in material and workmanship if used only for regular household purposes. If the Orgreenic? Cookware is found defective during this time, we will replace or repair the Orgreenic? Cookware at our option.

“This warranty does not cover or apply to damage to the Orgreenic? Cookware that is the result of misuse, abuse, accident, heating beyond temperatures specified in the Orgreenic? Cookware instructions, SCRATCHES, or damage that is merely cosmetic or minor in that it does not significantly affect the performance of the Orgreenic? Cookware.”

Product Details

  • 5 pans 4 lids and an aluminum steamer insert
  • Hard anodized aluminum
  • Cook without oil, butter or grease
  • non-toxic and PTFE-Free
  • Stay cool handle

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Pyrex 10-Piece Cookware Set Review

I was pleasantly surprised by this set.While it’s not super heavy stainless, it’s definitely not flimsy either.The walls of the pans are substantial and every pan in the set has a weighted bottom.Pyrex has incorporated some innovative features in this set that make it stand out.Overall, I think it’s a great set, especially for the price.The combination of pans in this set make it a perfect starter or replacement set.

* The handles are silicone covered making them easier to grip and less likely to burn the cook.Even the 6 qt pan has silicone grips on the bottom side of the handles.
* The unique feature that allows the lids to be perched on the pans prevents the frustrating drip of water all over the stove and reduces the risk of burns from steam.
* All of the pans have pour spouts, making it easier to drain or pour the contents.
* Even with the pour spouts, the lids can adequately seal the pans when positioned correctly.
* The pans and lids are a good weight, not flimsy and thin.
* All pans have a weighted bottom layer allowing them to heat evenly and prevent hot spots and warping.
* The lid handles make it easy to grip and are not likely to burn cooks or slip from hands.
* The silicone handle covers provide a non-slip spoon rest for frequently stirred dishes.
* Measurements inside every pan.
* Clear size information and care instructions on the bottom of each pan.
* Sizes and measurements are both standard and metric.

* Only oven safe to 350 degrees, but the pans in this set are not really the type of pans that most people would use in a hotter oven anyway.
* The great handles on the lids also mean they can’t be easily stacked for storage as some lids can.The set might take up more cabinet space than some because of them.
* The skillets are non-stick.Although they work beautifully now, it’s been my experience that no non-stick pans remain so for more than two or three years.

Followup after more use
The innovative feature that allows you to hang the lid on the pans is actually more trouble than the dripping condensation issue of normal lids.
If your pot contains much food, the lid will touch or dip into the food when hung on the pot wall and create more of a mess than condensation would have.
The lids handles are easy grip and not likely to slip out of your hands, but for all practical purposes, the hanging feature will rarely be used.

Product Details

  • Innovative lid stand, built-in spoon rest on handle and pour spouts to help minimize messes
  • Cast-in handles with heat-resistant silicone covers
  • Transparent tempered glass lid for easy monitoring of foods
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Tough, durable non-stick coating

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Rating: 8 out of 10 (from 36 votes)

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