Duxtop Whole-clad Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Ready Premium Cookware

Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set Review

Summary:Overall, a beautiful set of pans.However, there are some trade-offs.I would recommend this set to someone who likes the appearance or the handle design.However, considering the price, I personally would choose to either save money on a set that is very close in quality with a thinner base, or spend a little more money to get an even nicer set with thicker walls.In balancing all the features (some two stars, some five) into one overall rating, I came up with three stars, “It’s OK”.The thin side walls and the cost were the primary reasons why three stars instead of four or five.

Assumptions:When shopping for a set of pans, I would first make sure I need every pan in the set.Choosing individual pans (instead of a set) can save money and ensure you only buy the pans you truly need.For example, there may be one or two pans you want that are not in any given set (which would add cost if you buy separately), and you may not use one or two that are included in any given set (but which you still pay for as part of the set).For this review, I assume every pan size and type in this set is needed.I am comparing features relative to all price points (Mauviel, All-Clad, Calphalon, Emeril, and Viking) and rating the overall value based on what else is available relative to the cost of this particular set.

Appearance:The appearance is solely a matter of personal preference.Personally, I thought these pans were beautiful–a very nice shape and design.

Function:The working area in the center of the skillets and the sauté pan are a little smaller than competing pans of the same size.The stock pot is perfectly proportioned between its diameter and height, allowing a little better access than my same-size Calphalon that is taller and thinner.The side walls are very thin, as if a drop from three feet would completely cave in the side of a pan (maybe not, but it seems likely).

The solid base helps with even heat distribution at the bottom of the pans, but the thin sides do not share this benefit.This is not a fully-clad set of pans (and doesn’t claim to be), so it’s understandable that the sides will not distribute heat evenly.The solid exterior base is a little smaller than the cooking surface of each pan, so heat may be a little different at the center of the pan than it is at the far edges.This may not seem like a big deal, but the copper base is the big selling point and that value is offset with uneven heat and thin side walls.(Note:The copper will patina unless polished, and this is unavoidable with all copper cookware.)A slight flare at the rim of the stock and sauce pots help pour more easily than all other straight-edge pans where liquid dripples down the side instead of pouring cleanly off the edge.

Hands down, these are the best handles of any cookware I’ve used.They are thick and very easy to maneuver.By comparison, All-Clad handles are thinner awkward when pouring.The lids look nice, with welded handles (avoiding a rivet).The handle loops look taller, and provide as much or more clearance (for a hot pad, etc.) as other manufacturers.

I hope these considerations are helpful.You will not be disappointed if you ultimately purchase this set after considering the pros and cons.

Product Details

  • Includes: 125-quart,covered saucepan, 25-quart,covered saucepan, 65-quart,covered stockpot, 8-inch french skillet, 105-inch french skillet, 3-quart,covered saute
  • A full layer of copper sandwiched between two layers of aluminum is protected by an induction suitable stainless steel encapsulated basethis unique combination offers unmatched heat distribution and controlled cooking performance
  • Stainless steel construction in a graceful tulip silhouette is preferred by professional chefs for its durability and performancehighly polished exteriors contrast with brush finished interiors which help hid scratches from metal utensils
  • Refined cast stainless steel pan handles are double riveted to the pan for durability,Deep seated stainless steel dome lids fit securely and lid handles have extra clearance for easier lifting
  • Suitable for use on all stovetops including glass and induction, lifetime limited warrantybroiler and dishwasher safe for convenience

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Emeril by All-Clad E884SC74 Chef’s Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set , Silver Review

This is a very nice set of lightweight stainless steel cookware.If you are shopping around and trying to compare the differences, I will try to help you distinguish the features from a couple of other brands that I currently own.In addition to this set, I have the Rachael Ray stainless and also the Kitchen Aid stainless.

First of all, the Emeril pots and pans are by far the lightest weight.The Rachael Ray comes in the middle with very thick bottoms and thinner sides, and the Kitchen Aid is by bar the thickest and heaviest. I think what you want here is going to come down to personal preference.The RR and the Emeril brands have clear glass lids, while the KA is all stainless.All of the Emeril pieces are standard sizes, whereas you get really deep pieces in the RR collection.The KA pieces are just substantial.

The handles on the RR and KA have protective grips, whereas the Emeril handles are all stainless.I think this is going to personal preference as well.Do you want a sleek all stainless appearance or is having protective grip handles more important?

The Emeril set has some nice features that you don’t find in the others.The pots all have measurement lines engraved inside the pots so you can fill to your specific needs without having to grab a measuring cup.The saucepan has pour spouts on each side with a lid you can twist to keep it sealed while cooking then open for pouring from the pan.Also included in this set is a vegetable steamer/strainer basket to fit in your large pot (I love this!).You also get the small wok shape pan.

Overall, this is a great set of cookware with nice features.When compared with the others for cooking performance, I don’t notice much difference.When I begin cooking more soups and veggies for the winter I may notice and I will post then any marked differences such as will it hold heat as well since it is a thinner stainless. It’s dishwasher safe and I will post any reliability notes in the future. This set looks sleek and is easy to maneuver if you prefer lightweight pots and pans. The extra features are a nice plus.I’m glad I’ve added it to my cooking arsenal. – I’m posting a pic so you can see actual set in kitchen.

Product Details

  • 18/10 stainless steel construction, aluminum encapsulated base with bonded base distributes heat evenly
  • Pour and strain measuring sauce pan, measuring marks in sauce pans and stockpot
  • Compatible with all cooktops, including induction
  • PRO-CLAD design Chef’s handle makes it easy to Saute, stir, and carry pans
  • Dishwasher safe and Life time warranty
  • 18/10 stainless steel construction, aluminum encapsulated base distributes heat evenly

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Anolon Ultra Clad Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set Review

I ordered this set using my frequent flyer miles. It is the nicest cookware set I’ve ever owned! My previous sets were non-stick, so it did take a little getting used to cooking with stainless steel (hot pan, cold oil; food won’t stick). I’ve only been using it for about a month – but they seem very durable. They are also very stylish! I’m very satisfied with the purchase.

Product Details

  • Set includes 1-1/2- and 3-quart covered saucepans, 8-quart covered stockpot, 3-quart covered saute pan with helper handle, and 8- and 10-inch open skillets
  • Stylish exterior combines polished stainless steel with a classic black nonstick band
  • Crafted from three layers of metals–two layers of stainless steel sandwiching layer of heat-conducting aluminum
  • Professional-quality, domed stainless steel lids lock in moisture and flavor; comfortable silicone rubber handles for a cool touch
  • Dishwasher safe; oven safe to 400 degrees F; limited lifetime warranty

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All Clad Stainless Steel 14-Piece Cookware Set Review

I must first start by disclosing that I did not purchase this particular set of cookware as a set.I just happened to see that the only review for it was very confusing and did not seem helpful.That said, I do own most of the individual pieces in this set.While I cannot tell you about the chefs pan, stock pot (I have the copper core version of that), or the larger saute pan, I do own the two fry pans, the smaller saute pan, and the sauce pans.I purchased my first pieces about 18 months ago and have been quickly adding to the set as Amazon.com, MetroKitchen.com, and CutleryandMore.Com have had some good sales.

One thing I have noticed is that people will mention in reviews on Amazon is that they got a “great” lightning deal on an item here, but won’t say what that price was.I am happy to tell you specific prices.I purchased my set of All-Clad copper core as the 7 piece starter set when it was on sale as a lightening deal for $525.00 in November 2012.However, I already owned several pieces of the stainless series before I bought the All-Clad set.I have had the two fry pans and sauce pans in this set I am reviewing for well over a year.I also got the fry pans as lightning deals from Amazon for $89 and $99 respectively in mid and late 2011.I added the sauce pans earlier in 2012 for $99 and $109 via lightning deals.I just bought the saute pan on Metro Kitchen last month for $79 during a “cyber week” event.As you can see, if you have patience and are willing to wait for the individual pieces, you can eventually get them almost as cheap as the set.

I have also seen this particular set I’m reviewing as a lightning deal for $950.00, but I have seen it other places, including Metro Kitchen for as little as $920.00.Either the Amazon lightning deal or the Metro Kitchen price are excellent for this set if you don’t want to wait for sales for individual pieces, but as I already owned most of it from individual sales, I haven’t taken advantage of that price.Obviously this is a very expensive brand of cookware.I would actually not recommend purchasing a set outright until you have owned and cooked with an individual piece or two for at least 6 months.Each cook has their own preferences and you may find that what I (and many others) see as the best stainless steel cookware for home chefs isn’t for you.Unless you’re a trust fund baby or Google millionaire, it will be a sad day for you indeed if you have spent this kind of money and find it isn’t to your liking – though even a used set of these on eBay will fetch a good price, so you’re not completely out of your money if you do find you don’t agree with me.

Now that I’ve given you info on pricing, I’d like to tell you about how it has cooked for me.Until recently I was in an apartment with a very poor quality, low-end electric stove with burners that were horrible.A few months ago, I purchased a house and after selling the builder’s grade stove I upgraded to an LG double oven gas range.The cooking experience for these two ranges were night and day.It was like going from driving a Yugo (electric range) to driving a Lexus (gas range).However, one consistent thing from both ranges is that my favorite (non cast iron) cookware is my All-Clad. I also own hard-anodized Caphalon, stainless steel Marcus Samuelsson (a full set), and some low-end cookware left over from my college days.The Caphalon is difficult to clean, doesn’t cook evenly, and the lid doesn’t completely sit on the pan properly.The low-end stuff (some Revere-ware copper bottom, some Faberware, and some no-name Walmart stuff) isn’t even worth detailing, except to say within a year or so of use, most of it has warped bottoms and lids that don’t close).The Marcus cookware is still pretty decent, with no warping and fairly easy cleaning, but it does not have the same level of even heating that I get from the All-Clad pots and pans.For the price, I would recommend the Marcus if you have a lower budget, but if you can spare the funds, the All-Clad stuff, especially the fry pans, are worth the extra money.

The best example I can give is cooking 10 steaks last Christmas for my family.I used my Marcus and All-Clad so that we would have all the steaks finished at once.I was using the old horrible, electric range, and the steaks cooked in the two Marcus pans were not all cooking at the same level and consistency, but the ones in the two All-Clad pans were finished at the same time, and a few minutes ahead of the ones in the Marcus pans.I ended up finishing the steaks from the Marcus pans in the All-Clad pans.I have tested the steaks again on the gas range recently.The Marcus pans performed a little better with the gas, but the All-Clad still had better results, with more evenly cooked steaks.(I deliberately used one of each pan to cook the steaks to see if the results would change with the better stove; there was improvement with both pans, but All-Clad still produced a better food product).Again, I’m not knocking the Marcus pans.They are the best I’ve found in that price range.But the All-Clad pans were a far superior product, with a much higher price.I bought my entire Marcus 10 piece set for about what I paid for two All-Clad pans and their lids.The saying that you get what you pay for is never truer than when comparing the two cookware brands.Of course nothing, absolutely nothing beat the results I got when I cooked a steak with my grandmother’s 60-year old, well-seasoned Lodge cast iron skillet, but since most of us don’t have one of those or the ability to steal one, this is about as good as we will get.My grandmother is leaving her cast iron skillet to me when she passes in what I hope will be many, many years down the road, and in the meantime I will “console” myself with these All-Clad pans.

Finally, I have seen other reviews of All-Clad (and stainless steel cookware in general) where the users/reviews bemoan their inability to clean the stainless steel.Three tips should help with that.First, when cooking, try to develop a fond (there are some good YouTube videos with instructions on this).Not only will this improve the taste results you get, but it will also make it easier to clean.Second, if you do find it difficult to remove food, soak the cookware in warm water with mild soap for an hour.That should make it a snap to clean.Finally, if you find you want that shiny new look you had when you first opened your All-Clad (or any stainless for that matter), and soap and water aren’t cutting it, use some Bar Keepers Friend.It will not only work miracles on your cookware, you will also notice that if your sink is stainless steel, it’s a little shinier too.I use Bar Keepers on my sink, cutlery, and appliances, as well as my cookware.It is well worth the very inexpensive price.

After talking with my grandmother and learning that she can no longer use her 60-year old, well seasoned cast iron skillet because of its weight, we worked out a trade.I am now the proud owner of the cast iron, and she’s now using my All-Clad 3 quart saute/lid set.So now I not only love All-Clad for the excellent cooking results, but because I inherited something dear to me without losing my even dearer grandmother.:)Oh, and she likes the All-Clad too.

Product Details

  • 3-Ply bonded construction
  • Dishwasher-safe; Hand-washing recommended
  • Exterior compatible on all induction as well as traditional cooktops
  • Essential cookware item for the novice or well-seasoned cook
  • Perfect bridal or housewarming gift

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Anolon Chef Clad Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set Review

I wanted the Clad pans with the outer Anolon cover. LOVE the pans. Heavy, thick, nice looking, clean well and cook great. Was a little worried since I couldn’t find but one review of these. But very pleased that they will last a long time.

Product Details

  • 10-piece set includes 1-, 2- and 3-quart covered saucepans, 6-quart covered stockpot, 8- and 10-inch open skillets
  • Constructed of aluminum with a professional clad stainless steel interior for fast, even heating
  • Interior safe for use with metal utensils; cast stainless steel handles; glass lids allow monitoring of progress
  • Suitable for use on all cooktops, including glass and induction
  • Safe to use under the broiler; dishwasher safe; limited lifetime warranty

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Rating: 7 out of 10 (from 90 votes)

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